Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Light & Grace of Starless Wanderers

Was it only yesterday, that in the fabled walkways of our journey, union and completion were predicted?

Accompanied by brilliant flights of poetic fancy we ground fantasy to earth and, in our fashion, appropriated the realities of  life, as if they were ours to bend to desire.

Is the safety of isolation deprivation, or have the powers of satiety conquered a hunger for simplicity? 

Austere was not the way of the brocade and velvet clad phantoms that swirled through our private domain.  They inhabit the space between us and neither careless, nor unknowing in the ways of the world, they dance still.

And if secretive, forbidden imaginings for some time have facilitated satisfaction – and if recollections of youthful purity bracket deliberate celibacy and the seasoned, striving righteousness of mature leadership….so be it.

Would "touch" capture lightheadedness and corral wisdom? 

In the space of a sacred moment, intimacy can materialize and recapture our initial response and the willingness of a bygone era.

Cast aside reservations that chafe and scold. Cast aside the overbearing responsibilities of seeking impassioned and attuned bridges while light still graces our time worn assumptions and unfettered our hearts rest easy in the company of negligent bystanders.

Should then, once in a blue moon, the possibility arise that nothing exists to hinder forthright courageousness, you may recall that encapsulated by unearthly missives of predestination and the stately, sanctified  proclamations of the rights of man you bequeathed to the world, you accosted me with unforgettable and irristible heartrending melodies.

No studied scheme to entrance, no premeditated path to seduce. Here in your private secluded space beside me, we attain all we hoped, without preamble, consideration or obligation.

And as we abide beside one another, the taunting angriness and unreliable tenderness that slides into obscurity vanishes -- and uneasy, starless wanderers may, at last,  leave their weapons outside the door.

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